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Jamie O.
Aunt Jamie

Said about our kids song, "Self-ConTROLLS™" -  I am so playing this song for all my nieces and nephews! This needs to be everywhere! Love it! "If you can choose to do it, then you can choose not to." Even adults need to hear this!

Kim K.
Jessica's Mom

Said about our handcrafted, wooden, shadow puppets - My daughter is speech delayed, and very shy in public.  We gave her your wooden shadow puppets, and told her stories on her bedroom wall with them.  Now, she's actually starting to tell the story to her brothers using your shadow puppets!

Nancy C.
Principal/Teacher & Grandmother

Said about our printables - I've been a principal and teacher for over 40 years, and I'm just so happy with the quality, vivid colors and illustrations of these printables! Now, I'll be ordering shadow puppets for my grandson's birthday!

Cody, Age 5
Cody (Pre-K)

Said about our wooden, shadow puppets - I love my shadow puppets! My grandma gave them to me! - Cody, Age 5