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12 Piece Goldilocks & The Three Bears - Shadow Puppets, Story & Discussion Guide

Bring the classic children's story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears to life in your own home or classroom with our hand designed 12 piece shadow puppet story set! This is a one-of-a-kind design and makes a gorgeous, very detailed shadow for both young and the young at heart to enjoy. We strived incredibly hard to make sure that we created tiny details that are often lost in shadow puppetry, and to not just create simple silhouettes.

We've been selling our unique, shadow puppet story set before coming to Etsy and the responses that we get from both the story tellers and the audience has been so overwhelming! Your show will be instantly more captivating and engaging with our carefully thought out detailed designs!

When you receive your Goldilocks and the Three Bears shadow puppet set from Cute Institute™, you'll feel the smooth and sturdy 5" tall story set pieces in your hand made of real balsam wood. You'll fall in love with the amount of detail and intricacies that were lovingly hand designed. It will come in a set of 12 pieces in all!

It will also include a story synopsis that is meant to offer the story teller the highlights of the story as opposed to the word for word dictation of the story. This is intentional in order to aid the story teller, but allow creative room for his or her own story to unfold. You will also receive discussion questions that could be used to help teach or just think about with some very enlightening moral and social-emotional development lessons that can emerge from this well-loved children's classic!

Both kids and adults are able to enjoy telling and listening to this story over and over again with limitless imagination and creativity. No two stories ever have to be the same!

Here are the 12 pieces in total that you will be receiving:

1. Cottage
2. Goldilocks
3. Papa Bear
4. Mama Bear
5. Baby Bear
6. Table with Bowls Of Porridge
7. Papa Chair
8. Mama Chair
9. Baby Chair
10. Papa Bed
11. Mama Bed
12. Baby Bed

Plus, story synopsis and discussion guide booklet!

Limited edition. Add to cart now while supplies last.

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