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CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) word families is a transitional and often eye-opening exercise for preschool, kindergarten and even first grade students. They have already mastered the Cute Institute™ alphabet flash cards, and 184 page alphabet course, and now they are moving on in their reading journey to building different words! This is a most exciting time for both student and teacher! I hope our vibrant and playful pictures will enhance this fun lesson with CVC word families.

This packet includes 20 roof tops with 20 different pictures of objects that the student will build and sound out in the form of brick blocks. You will find all 5 vowels represented and 4 different words within that word family for a total of 20 words ready to be built. 

Expect to find the following word families: "ap", "ed", "ig", "ot," and "ug". The following words will be built from the above word family endings: cap, map, nap, lap, bed, fed, red, Ted, big, dig, pig, rig, hot, tot, pot, dot, rug, mug, bug, jug.

I hope that you will enjoy this fundamental building block activity in the pre-reading journey. As always, have fun and enjoy the process.

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