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26 Alphabet Letters & Sounds - ABC Course, 184 pgs. of Activities

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Maybe you saw this packet on YouTube or you might have heard about it from a friend, but I'm glad you're here.

This 184 page document can be used in such a variety of ways! It was initially designed with reading readiness in mind for a pre-k or kindergarten student. But, I've been told that it is also being used as part of a Kindergarten RTI (response to intervention) curriculum to help aid students that need extra help with letter recognition and identification. It can also be useful for ESL and ELL students in addition to small groups that are focusing on particular letters in a daycare or a classroom or even at home. You may have other ideas of how you can benefit from it with the child(ren) that you have in mind.

I've also included a fun and engaging REWARD SYSTEM that helps keep high level of interest and engagement for your student(s), as well as encourage them to continue learning and mastering more and more letters! You will also find a bright and colorful certificate of completion recognizing them for completing all 26 letters in the course.

Each activity sheet will be helpful to either introduce letters and their accompanying sounds for the first time, or to reinforce what a child already may have a grasp of as you are preparing them for reading readiness.

The illustrations are bright and cheery, and enjoyable to looks at and interact with!

Thank you so much for choosing Cute Institute to help with this most exciting pre-reading building blocks! We're fanatics about kids and crazy about families and teachers working with kids everyday.

This pack meets kindergarten CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.K.1d - Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet

For every letter you will find 6 accompanying activity sheets that follow the C.U.T.E. method:

  • C = "Call Out" the letter and and the objects in the colorful pictures that begin with that letter. This helps to hear the letter and recognize the letter sounds in everyday, familiar objects.
  • U = "Underline" the uppercase and lowercase in a sea of letters helps a child with letter recognition and identification to help master the difference between those tricky letters like the difference between lowercase b and d and p and q, etc. It also aids in letter-naming fluency.
  • T = "Trace" the uppercase and lowercase letters. This helps them to begin to master letter writing.
  • E = "Earn" a reward for their hard work and effort at the end of every single letter activity sheets they complete! This helps to increase their interest and engagement for learning these pre-reading concepts.

At Cute Institute, we think learning is fun, and our educational materials will always help provide exciting and inspiring solutions for your student(s) or child(ren).

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions that you have!

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