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About Us

Cute Institute™ was founded by a mom of three young children.  Upon looking for quality children's programing for her children to learn from and be entertained by, she wasn't satisfied with the options available.  So, she set out to create the kind of content that she wanted her children inspired by and learning from that included more than just ABC's and 123's.

As a former actress in a traveling children's theater, a former counselor for deaf children, a background in broadcast television, professional voice over artist, children's author and pastor, she poured all of her love and talent into episodes that teach cognitive skills without forgetting to also help a child develop their emotional IQ skills.  And even further than that, Cute Institute™ also seeks to nurture a child's confidence by teaching them solid life skills that are appropriate for their age.  So that, by the time a child has routinely been inspired by Cute Institute's quality children's programming, he and she will be even more...

Clever. Confident. Caring.

It's what we do.  Every single day.