Home Projects
Kindness For Kids IdeasCaring for our neighbors is just one of the things that Cute Institute™ kids will discover that they love doing! We have a lot of fun ideas that everyone can do from around the world to learn how to see & love others.
Meet Anzu, Our Baby DragonAnzu is 4 and loves to ask "why?" He's curious about himself & the fascinating world. He has wings, but can't fly & isn't quite sure why. He knows he was created for something special, and is discovering what that is.
Learning to Tell StoriesTeaches confidence with public speaking, working well with others, building creativity & imagination, rhyming skills, beginning confidence in reading aloud. Learning and developing through play!
Watch Our Music VideoDon't Hit Song For Kids - Self-ConTROLLS™ Music Video Written By Cute Institute™. Teaches positive alternatives to hitting when feeling angry or frustrated. Social-emotional development.