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Who We Are
I’m so glad you’re here!  Thank you for being a part of our very connected community and checking out what we’re all about.

Cute Institute™ was founded by a mom to help solve a problem.  With three young children at home she quickly learned that kids need and want positive, mental stimulation and creative outlets in order to grow their imagination, confidence, discovery as well as their social-emotional development.

As a former lead hospital chaplain that often worked with children, the Cute Institute™ founder wanted to help instill in children everywhere that they’re loved.  She believes that if a child knows whole-heartedly that they are of limitless value, then they will also grow as individuals that prize and love others.

As a result, everything that she teaches will fall into one of these three categories:

  • Clever – Learning about myself (and the world around me.)
  • Confident – I can do it all by myself.
  • Caring – It’s more than just about myself.

Cute Institute™ got their start on YouTube making kids, educational content that tackles social-emotional development like how to make a friend for kids, how to handle rejection on the playground, and self-control for kids.

Writing original kids songs, storytelling, and hand crafting shadow puppets in order to deeply reach, connect and impact a child’s heart and wonder is what Cute Institute™ is really known for.

Meet Our Team

This is us.  Radically different, yet very much the same.  (We’d love to know who you are, too!)

Curious about himself and the world.  Has wings but can’t fly or blow fire, and isn’t quite sure why.  His favorite fruit is dragon fruit.
``Little B``
Care-giver.  Peace-maker.  Silly joke-teller.  Loves astronauts, outer space, and asking the question “why?”
``Big B``
Trail Blazer
Problem-solver.  Builder.  Engineer.  Loves taking the lead, inventing new things, and imagining “what if.”
``Baby D``
Independent.  Observant.  Smart, silly, and a loyal “daddy fan.”  Loves to sing Edelweiss, and discovering what’s behind “lift-the-flaps.”
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