Growth Through Storytelling
Enriching The Mind One Child At A Time
Storytelling is a critical part in developing your child’s overall growth and development.  It’s a tradition that has existed before there were even any printed pages, as the first stories were passed down orally from generation to generation.  Today, however, making time for storytelling is happening less and less with mounting pressures on the home, classrooms and daycares.  That’s why Cute Institute™ has made storytelling resources so easily available.  Here are the benefits of teaching the art of storytelling to kids.
Language Development
Experimenting with Singing
Learning to Speak in Rhyme
Exploring Emotions
Builds Public Speaking Skills
Confidence in Reading Aloud

A Wonderful Environment Where Children Can Learn And Grow
Jamie O.
Aunt Jamie

Said about our kids song, "Self-ConTROLLS™" -  I am so playing this song for all my nieces and nephews! This needs to be everywhere! Love it! "If you can choose to do it, then you can choose not to." Even adults need to hear this!

Kim K.
Jessica's Mom

Said about our handcrafted, wooden, shadow puppets - My daughter is speech delayed, and very shy in public.  We gave her your wooden shadow puppets, and told her stories on her bedroom wall with them.  Now, she's actually starting to tell the story to her brothers using your shadow puppets!

Nancy C.
Principal/Teacher & Grandmother

Said about our printables - I've been a principal and teacher for over 40 years, and I'm just so happy with the quality, vivid colors and illustrations of these printables! Now, I'll be ordering shadow puppets for my grandson's birthday!

Are You Ready For Fun Resources?

With a background in children’s theater, serving pediatric patients and families as a former lead hospital chaplain, children’s author and a busy mom of three active, young kids…let me introduce fun, EASY and purposeful learning resources for your kids too!

Grow With Stories

Grow confidence in speaking, exploring emotions, spark their imaginations and creative thinking while increasing language by telling stories!

Reinforce With Songs

Songs help to reinforce a teachable moment.  Learn alternatives for hitting when they’re mad and the power of self-control for kids.

Practice With Printables

Practice upper & lower case alphabet letters, writing, cutting, word-building, following directions and much more with our printables.

Experience With Play

Explore and experience through simple play! Our blog will be filled with rich ideas for play activities for kids age 2 – 6 years old.